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Web Development

Web is now a must have for any business. Having a website is not enough, with the rise of mobile phones and tablets, you need a responsive website that scales to any size and looks good in all browsers…

Graphic Design

Designers are creative types. They are always looking for the “next” thing. We like to pride ourselves as having a really amazing bunch of talented designers who think outside the box. That doesn’t mean we don’t …


Outsourcing is a great way for any company to cut costs or to remove work from their roster that is not part of their core competencies. At eAVenue we will hire a team to meet your needs in the way of design, programming, …

Social Media

Social Media cannot be a side project to your web presence, with Facebook leading the digital marketing race, your web presence is largely your social media content. We specialize in building Facebook designs, Twitter…

Services Offered

Website Developmen
Grapic Design
CMS Management
Social Media Marketing

eAvenue offers its clients any type of super for their digital marketing needs. Our experience is predominantly in affiliate marketing but we have built a wide array of sites across many different industries. Our clients can work with us on a per project basis or by leasing seats and staff to suit their digital marketing needs.

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